Wine In The Sounds


Marlborough Sounds, South Island, New Zealand


Find and cook wild mussels and Blue Cod




Arbour Restaurant
Two key things that spring to mind when describing the region of Marlborough are its incredible waterways, and valleys of grapes. The picturesque sounds are home to sheltered waters and ravenous Blue Cod, and the valleys are filled with hundreds of vineyards that produce internationally recognised wines of nearly all varietals. One eccentric wine grower is Peter Yealands from Yealands Estate, who runs not only one of the most sustainable vineyards in the world, but also has a rich history in the local marine environment. We go with Peter to visit the Green Lipped mussel farms he helped pioneer, while tracking down the iconic local Blue Cod. It’s a ravenous fish that is endemic to NZ, with a firm whitey blue flesh that is highly sought after. Clarke also meets up with local chef Bradley from his restaurant Arbour. Bradley specialises in foraging local ingredients to help pull together an exceptional Blue Cod and Green Mussel Cioppino dish.

New Zealand

New Zealand