Waves and Yellowfin


Tahiti, South Pacific


Explore Tahiti and catch Yellowfin


Poerani Durand


Villa Mitirapa
FISH OF THE DAY host Clarke Gayford discovers two sides to Tahiti, from the fancy to the budget conscious. His goal here is to chase a fish that can live at over a 1000 metres deep but first he heads out with local inshore fisherman to experience how they fish. Tahiti is also famous for its surf breaks, and this fishing trip coincides with the final of the World Surfing League Pro competition at the world famous Teahupoo break. It’s one of the heaviest waves in the world and its a spectacle taken in before heading out to try their luck fishing. Here Clarke manages to catch a small Yellow Fin Tuna which is the perfect size for local woman Poi to show him how Tahitians make their famous raw fish dish. The next day Clarke checks out a local dive site which is inhabited with the most turtles he has ever experienced in a single dive. The trip then takes an upmarket turn as he heads out in one of the most famous fishing boats in the Pacific, the luxurious Ultimate Lady, to swim with sharks and continue the hunt for his elusive FISH OF THE DAY The Papio. To be continued….

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New Zealand