The Rock – Part One


Niue Island, South Pacific


Catch a Mahi Mahi off season


BJ Rex


The Falala Fa Cafe
Fish Of The Day host Clarke Gayford heads to the island of Niue in the South Pacific. This tiny island sits on the top of an ancient volcano, forming one of the world’s largest coral atolls and the water’s surrounding it are heaving with fish. However arriving late in the season catching his target Mahi-Mahi is proving much harder than first thought, adding a heap of extra pressure as he struggles to find a fish to deliver to the chef. When Clarke finally hooks up, it’s not his target species but a giant Blue Marlin. Landed and back at the wharf, his catch is divided up amongst the locals, feeding almost half of the island. During their down time the team explore the rest of what Niue has to offer. This reveals incredible secret spots, both above and below the water, on one of the most remote Islands on Earth.

New Zealand

New Zealand