The 8th Wonder


Milford Sound, Lower South Island, New Zealand


Fish one of the worlds’ most SPECTACULAR destinations


Ryan “Muzza” Murray


The Black Dog Bar
Today Clarke Gayford travels to New Zealand’s world-renowned Milford Sound in the middle of winter to capture its breathtaking scenery, and incredible marine life. The destination is full of life with seabirds, alpine parrots, fish, sharks, crayfish and Orca all making an appearance in this rugged destination. Just getting there is an adventure in itself, climbing over 1000 meters before travelling through the infamous Homer Tunnel and down into Milford Valley below. Along the way we learn more about an invasive freshwater pest – Didymo, before heading out into exposed waters off the Fiordland coast where Clarke is joined by 4 different types of Albatross in a fishing expedition. Milford is renown for its Spiny Red Rock Lobster ‘Crayfish’ and this trip does not disappoint. It’s also known for its rain, receiving a staggering 7 meters a year. Local Te Anau chef Ryan Murray uses Clarke’s bounty to produce several stunning dishes including a raw Crayfish ceviche not to be missed.

New Zealand

New Zealand