Tairua, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand


Spearfish for Porae at the Alderman Islands


Nathaniel Blomfield


Join Clarke Gayford over and under the water in one of New Zealand’s oldest fishing destinations, Tairua, on the Coromandel Peninsula. Tairua has a rich fishing history, even boasting one of the oldest discovered Maori artefacts ever found in NZ, a fishing lure from the Pacific. Many small New Zealand towns rely on tourism as a source of revenue and Tairua enjoys a steady trade through tourism-fishing, a concept Clarke explores while out with local charter operator Jason on his boat Strikezone.   Heading out and under the water, this episode takes a look at the Alderman Islands. A place described as like being at The Poor Knights Marine reserve but where you can still hunt seafood. From diving caves to snaffling Paua, Clarke explores the island group as he hunts down his Fish of the day –the Porae. Then it back to Tairua to meet up with chef Nathaniel Blomfield to show us a great local dish.

New Zealand

New Zealand