Gold Coast, Australia


Roadtrip up the coast chasing Flathead




Fish Of The Day host Clarke Gayford heads North along Australia’s Sunshine Coast, on the Great Beach Drive, in search of a fish locals call a ‘Lizard’. Dusky Flathead are an unusual looking fish that dig down into the sand and lie waiting to ambush unsuspecting prey. With its flat head and tapered tail they have evolved perfectly for their environment, but they’re not easy to catch, so his journey takes him from Coloundra up the Coast to Noosa Heads. Here he teams up with a world-class chef Zeb, from reknowned restaurant ‘Wasabi’  to make an exquisite chargrilled Flathead and Japanese squid noodle-salad, with genmaicha fish tea dish. Along the way he meets a couple of unforgettable twins who have dedicated their lives to rescuing birds often found caught up in discarded fishing gear.

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