Scallops And Bass


Whitianga, North Island, New Zealand


Chase down the Deep Water Bass and tasty Scallops


Aaron, and Ray McVinnie


Whitianga Scallop Festival
Whitianga on NZ’s Coromandel Peninsula is host to an annual Scallop Festival. It coincides with the opening of the annual Scallop season, which are plentiful nearby. Clarke heads over to learn more about these delicious local Scallops and judges a cooking competition between 2 festival chefs. Taking in the local sites, Clarke meets up with Chef Aaron, and the two of them head out from Opito Bay to get the scallops Aaron needs for the festival competition. Down the road in the town of Tairua, Clarke also meets up with local legend fisherman Carl Muir, to head a long way offshore to catch a fish in deep water they call a Blue-Nose. They get more than they bargain for however, when angler Scott Adamson hooks into a very large Deep Sea Bass. The show wraps up at the Whitianga Scallop festival, where onstage a cook-off proceeds between Chef Aaron up against Chef Ray McVinnie.

New Zealand

New Zealand