Popping Sails


Rompin District, Malaysia


Catch a Sailfish on a Popper


Shyleena Faridah Hope


Mrs Asia Worldwide
Malaysia proves to be a country of surprises. Firstly the Rompin District is home to an incredible Sailfish fishery as FISH OF THE DAY host Clarke is soon to discover. Secondly it has the world’s oldest forest, in the Endau Rompin State Park. It’s here while chasing a freshwater fish for chef Shyleena’s secret family recipe that Clarke discovers what else lives in the park. While walking the river bank the guides suddenly make everyone freeze and gather close as a Tiger is spotted and then heard growling on the other side. In one of the more tense fishing sessions experienced, Clarke attempts to catch his fish as dusk approaches and the guides nervously keep watch on the far river bank.

New Zealand

New Zealand