One Fish, Two Fish…


Great Barrier Island, North Island, New Zealand


Catch and eat only red fish


Anthony McNamara


What better way to explore Great Barrier Island off the East Coast of New Zealand, than to grab a brand new 43ft launch and take a chef who happens to also love fishing. Host Clarke Gayford and Chef Anthony McNamara travel around the island that, although close to NZ’s most populous city, remains remote in location and feel. They decide to explore the concept of just utilising and attempting to catch a fish of a particular colour – hat colour being red, considered lucky and popular in Asian culture. This sees’ them stepping outside of the usual fare to catch a variety of exotic shellfish and fish often left alone by local fishermen. Each evening Chef Anthony sets about creating unique dishes as he too learns about the qualities of these at times overlooked seafood opportunities. Fishing above and diving below we get to see so much more of this beautiful island.

New Zealand

New Zealand