Old Fish


Auckland, New Zealand


Eat 10-day old Kahawai and survive


Tom Hishon


Kingi Restaurant
To catch is fish of the day Clarke heads to the Mokohinau Islands in the outer Hauraki Gulf where he is met by spectacular scenes of huge schools of fish surface feeding on krill. But catching his fish of the day when they are so focussed on the food they are chasing proves difficult. Finally with his fish onboard he returns to Auckland to deliver it to Chef Tom Hishon at Kingi Restaurant. Then he needs to wait a week before Tom will prepare it – dry aging it in his chiller before serving it to Clarke as sashimi.   In the meantime Clarke looks at the impacts Auckland City has on the health of the Hauraki Gulf. It’s a chance to talk to Emirates Team New Zealand sailors Peter Burling and Blair Tuke about the upcoming cup and their new charity aimed at raising awareness about the state of our oceans.

New Zealand

New Zealand