Northland Roadie


Northland, North Island, New Zealand


Road-trip through the far north of New Zealand


Luca Villari


Al Volo Restaurant
Clarke visits the area of Northland, the far north of NZ’s North Island – a skinny tract of land that makes both coasts easily accessible. More coastline means more fishing opportunities, and this area does not disappoint! Armed with a comprehensive shopping list from Italian Chef Luca, Clarke sets off on an adventurous road trip. Along the way he collects everything from Surf Clams to Cockles, Squid and Snapper. Taking in the sites of the region including giant ancient Kauri trees and even wild horses, he also catches up with his friend Jed for an epic Snapper fishing session before fishing for squid at night off a wharf. Chef Luca utilises all the collected seafood into a delicious dish handed down to him by his father.

New Zealand

New Zealand