Namba Tu Vanuatu


Espirito Santo, Vanuautu


Find and catch the elusive Dogtooth Tuna


Russ Housby


Reefers Restaurant
Hunting a certain species of fish often means you will encounter plenty of others along the way and this trip does not disappoint. The Fish of the Day is the Dog Tooth Tuna, a fish that once dragged Clarke down so deep Spearfishing that he had a blackout and very nearly drowned. That attempt failed to land one. So this trip is all about trying to make up for that. In this episode we travel to Vanuatus’ Espirtu Santo, a place that is home to some incredible wreck diving. Clarke meets up with the guys from Aore Adventure Sports, where Alfred takes him down into the worlds largest accessible wreck dive, the SS President Coolidge, a huge liner hit by a mine in WW2. The dive is still full of military equipment. However just as they enter it a large underwater earthquake strikes, throwing all Clarke’s senses out. This area of Vanuatu also has a beach that features regularly on the worlds’ best beaches list, Champagne Beach, with pure white sands and an idyllic tropical backdrop. After exploring the features of the area, Clarke boards Nambas, a live aboard charter boat with skipper Russ, one of the best fishermen in Vanuatu. Soon they find themselves catching Marlin and Mahi Mahi, but unfortunately a Dog Tooth Tuna remains just out of reach

New Zealand

New Zealand