Namba Tu Vanuatu


Espirito Santo & Port Vila, Vanuatu


Find and catch the elusive Dogtooth Tuna


Russ Housby


Reefers Restaurant
Vanuatu, as well as having some of the best fishing, has some of the best diving in the world. The journey starts back on the island of Espiritu Santo, where Clarke gets into the water to explore a place called Million Dollar Point. It’s a dive site named for the original value of all the trucks, tanks, bulldozers and equipment that was driven off a ledge by American forces, after a disagreement about payment for the no-longer needed equipment. After this the earnest hunt for a Dog Tooth Tuna begins, with an epic boat ride aboard Nambas Charters with skipper Russ Housby. Sailing down through the islands Clarke gets painstakingly close to landing one, before it finally all comes together. Taking the fish back in to Port Vila, Clarke wanders through the markets before meeting up with Russ to sample mouthwatering dishes, utilising the unique properties of a tuna that has firm white flesh. Delicious!

New Zealand

New Zealand