Marlin Magic


Tutukaka and the Poor Knights Islands.


Explore the Poor Knights Marine Reserve and tag and release a Striped Marlin.


Dean Thompson


Schnappa Rock, Tutukaka
Jacques Cousteau’s rated the Poor Knights Islands as one of the top dive sites in the world, and Clarke is keen to explore the area. First he meets up with one of the area’s most famous characters, a man that has dedicated his life to protecting islands. Then Clarke meets up with local Glen McFarlane to learn more about what’s needed to catch one of these special fish. He has just one day to catch a striped Marlin – the odds are stacked against them. But next day luck is with him as he tags and releases a solid 100kg Striped Marlin – all before 10am in the morning. This leaves plenty of time to explore the Poor Knights Islands, a marine reserve that is teeming with life. The marine life here is incredible, with clouds of Maomao, huge Snapper and Kingfish all swimming freely, a remarkable sight. Needing just one Kingfish for the chef, Clarke heads outside of the marine reserve where they have a go at landing a fish. Easier said than done as some local sharks start taking all their catch. After a frantic session winding in a Kingfish as hard as he can Clarke manages to land one, perfect sized for the chef. Back on land the young chef at local restaurant Schnappa Rock, pulls together a beautiful dish using local ingredients to give a true taste of Tutukaka.

New Zealand

New Zealand