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Gisborne, New Zealand


Catch Pink Maomao for Chef Thomas


Thomas Boyce


USSCO Bar and Bistro – Gisborne
Gisborne, New Zealand holds the distinction of being the first city in the world to see the sun. Clarke is there on the first sunrise of the New Year to meet a friend of his who gathers seaweed for a living. Heading out to sea Clarke attempts to catch his FISH OF THE DAY, the Pink Maomao but finds himself struggling eventually giving into temptation, shifting to target kingfish before hooking into a huge local specimen. A new day, but before Clarke heads out to attempt to spear a Pink Maomao he catches up with local Dean Savage at a place called Tatapouri to check out his popular local tourist attraction, hand feeding Wild Stingrays. Time to spear the target fish Pink Maomao, Clarke, Dean and Ross dive in on an offshore rock. While Clarke stays focused on the target species Dean and Ross get distracted by the abundant Kingfish. With the target Pink Maomao safely on-board Clarke heads along to meet local Chef Tom Boyce from top local restaurant USSCO, where he plays with the fishes distinct colour to come up with a dish that has colours to match.

New Zealand

New Zealand