Hair Cut


Niue, South Pacific


Catch fish for a Hair Cutting Ceremony


Tony and Vic


Hio Café
Host Clarke Gayford travels back to an island that has welcomed him with open arms, Niue Island. The goal this trip is to catch fish for a traditional hair cutting ceremony, an event that takes place only once in a boys life as a coming of age ritual. Many pigs, chickens, fish, taro root and other goods will be shared out between family members and friends who have all gathered to witness the occasion. Heading out to sea Clarke sets himself the goal of catching a Wahoo, a Yellow fin Tuna and a Mahi mahi for this. Niue Island is reknown for its fishing, with some of the clearest tropical water in the pacific. Clarke also checks out coral gardens and chances upon a rare sea snake mating ritual in a cave.

New Zealand

New Zealand