Footsteps of JFK


Solomon Islands, South Pacific


Search out the history of PT109 while chasing Green Jobfish


Local tribe


Local village
Clarke’s headed to one of the most untouched and isolated locations in the South Pacific – the Solomon Islands. He’s heard about a place not far from where John F Kennedy was based during WWII that has some of the best popper fishing on earth. But the Solomons where not always so isolated – in fact they were home to one of the best battles in the Pacific – the battle for Guadalcanal. Everywhere Clarke travels, he is reminded of the horror of the war. The sea floor is littered with wrecks of ships and planes, and the jungles with tanks and armour. With fish in hand Clarke is lead to an idyllic deserted island where the locals prepare a meal from scratch using local ingredients. And when Clarke says from scratch, that’s exactly what he means – even the fire was started by rubbing two sticks together.

New Zealand

New Zealand