Edge Of The Volcano


White Island , New Zealand


Attempt to catch Hapuku next to active volcano


Jono Marr


Soulsa Restaurant, Whakatane
Starting in Whakatane on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island, Clarke meets up with Kahu Helicopters who take him on a tour of the active volcano White Island. Donning gas masks Clarke and the helicopter pilot venture right up to the crater lake, which is very much alive, bubbling and steaming away. Back in Whakatane, Clarke launches his Jeanneau 795 trailer boat and heads out to the island to explore the waters around it. First up he gets in the water on scuba to explore the underwater active vents that are pouring water out boiling temperatures. Then he gets down to the business of catching his fish of the day. After a few false alarms Clarke finally lands a Hapuku. Arriving back on the mainland Clarke tracks down chef Josh at his restaurant Soulsa. Josh specialises in celiac friendly meals only and his recipe using blanched Kamakamo with garlic butter and roasted skin Hapuku is simply stunning.

New Zealand

New Zealand