Dingos And Cobia


Fraser Island and Herbey Bay, Australia


Fishing for Trevally and the famed Cobia


Dan & Steph Mulheron


Eat at Dan and Stephs
This place is a true marine convergence zone where large tropical pelagics mix with fishy monsters from the colder waters of the south. Here Clarke travels into the areas’ fish nursery, the Noosa Everglades, before tackling some serious beach-fishing with locals Wazza and Nugget on the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island. After this he heads out into Hervey Bay where they cross paths with hundreds of migrating Humpback Whales, including one who gets so close he can smell its’ breath. The fishing here is electric, and while chasing their target of Tea Leaf Trevally a much larger monster of the deep connects itself, turning into an epic hour and half battle. The chef Dan in Hervey Bay whips the trevally up into a delicious colourful Beer battered Taco dish.

New Zealand

New Zealand