City Fringe


Auckland , New Zealand


Look at the vulnerable Hauraki Gulf ecosystem


Mark Southon – O’Connell St Bistro


Outboard Boating Club , Auckland
Clarke starts at the OBC or Outdoor Boating Club – a club that’s made big changes to better conserve the environment around it. Then Clarke heads out with another business that utilises the Gulf, Aucklands Whale and Dolphin Safaris before heading to another island in the Gulf where biosecurity is taken so seriously that he has to go through quarantine twice. Little Barrier Island /Hauturu o Toi is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most pristine nature reserves. Next up it’s out to catch some fish for the local Chef before arriving back at the OBC to demonstrate the new measures the club is undertaking to better utlise and conserve the fish they catch including supplying a local marae with the heads and frames. Then Clarke meets up with chef Mark from O’Connell st Bistro. Here he gives a cooking demo to members while pulling together a dish using the fresh caught Snapper.

New Zealand

New Zealand