Chasing Shadows


Aitutaki , Cook Islands.


Attempt to catch the most sought after saltwater flyfish – the Bone Fish


Thomas Koteka


Aitutaki Escape
Starting in Rarotonga Clarke tries something he has always wanted to do, night fishing for flying fish. This involves a front joystick controlled boat, a net and a headlight mounted to a motorbike helmet. From Rarotonga, Clarke heads to Aitutaki, an hours flight away. One of the largest ringed lagoons in the world its also been voted the most beautiful and here it is easy to see why. Catching up with local guide Etu, Clarke begins the difficult task of catching a Bonefish, one of the trickiest fish in the world to catch on Fly. With stunning views around him and plenty of near misses Clarke finally hooks a fish and soon discovers what the fuss is about as it powers away. With the chefs order for some Parrot fish and the Prime Ministers order for some Kuta fish Clarke has his work cut out for him to deliver for a dinner with the Prime Minister and his wife.

New Zealand

New Zealand