118 separate islands make up the mythical destination of French Polynesia. It’s one of those destinations that you dream of traveling to and believe us it is worth it. It does have a reputation of being expensive, and the resorts certainly are particularly food, but you can visit Tahiti with a reasonable budget. AirBnB is how most New Zealanders and Australians stay and using the local food trucks or Roulottes for your meals (as do the locals) means quality fresh food at very reasonable prices.


Polynesian through and through although today the islands have a real French feel to them. Still those powerful elements of Polynesian culture are visible in all aspects of life. Probably one of the most powerful is Mana. Mana is a mythical and essential concept, a fundamental truth. Mana is purity (ma); it arises from the life, humility, respect, dignity, love, sharing, beauty, goodness and peace of the beings and things that merge harmoniously in the Tahitians ma’ohi universe. Mana is also wisdom (na/na’a); it emanates from the empirical, technical and ancestral knowledge and from the common sense that rises up from the inalienable link between man and his environment.


The fishing throughout the islands is world class and some of the largest Blue Marlin in the Pacific can be found here.


Diving too is pretty special with some of the best shark dives on earth, Humpback Whale swimming in season and one of the world’s best wild stingray encounters found here too.

Must Do's

Go watch the surfing at Teahupoo.

Do the stingray experience on Moorea.

Eat fresh seafood at a Roulotte.

Take in a cultural show.

Want To Visit?