Rompin, Malaysia

Malaysia’s east coast district of Rompin has a bunch of surprises up its sleeve for travellers. For us, the attraction was its Sailfishery but the diving at Tioman Island exceeded expectations as well. We found the locals super friendly, the local food amazing and found some really impressive sustainability projects operating on the island of Tioman. If you want to catch a Sailfish, then this is easily the best place in the world to do it.


Remember that you are in a predominantly Muslim country and there are a few basic things you can do to respect their culture. Always remove your shoes before entering a house or place of worship. If you do visit a mosque remember to cover up – women should cover their heads, shoulders and legs, men should also cover their legs. Most mosques provide robes and scarves if you ask.

Always ask permission before taking photographs at places of worship and avoid using the forefinger to point, instead use the thumb with the four fingers folded under. Public shows of affection are a no no so avoid touching anyone of the opposite sex in public. Finally, use your right hand to eat, pass things and touch people never your left.


The district of Rompin has to be the Sailfish capital of the world. You can catch a dozen fish in a day here during the peak of the season and this is a catch and release fishery so don’t expect to weigh in fish. When it comes to diving Tioman Island is world class with extraordinary biodiversity particularly with regard to corals.


Must Do's

Visit a Mosque, you will be welcomed in.

Visit Tioman Island.

Visit Endau-Rompin National Park.

Want To Visit?